Do's & Don'ts for Your Pet


  • Bring your pet in on a regular basis, usually every 6 weeks for most coated breeds.
  • Have your pet's nails trimmed at least every 2-3 weeks
  • Communicate your wishes clearly to your Groomer to avoid misunderstandings about the look you want on your pet.
  • Inform your Groomer of any medical conditions your pet may have
  • Make sure your pet relieves himself prior to his grooming appointment
  • Listen to your Groomers suggestions about your pet
  • Always make sure you let the Groomer know of your dog’s behavior especially if it can be aggressive.


  • Bathe your pet between grooming unless you are sure all the tangles are brushed out first
  • Use human shampoo or detergents on your pet, as they are the wrong Ph level and could damage your pets skin.
  • Expect your Groomer to be able to leave much (if any) hair on a pet that comes in matted. Shaving off a matted coat is the only HUMANE way to deal with matts.
  • Forget to inform your Groomer of any sensitive areas, warts, wounds, fleas, ticks, or sore spots that your pet may have
  • Forget to brush AND comb your pet between professional grooming at least weekly, or daily if possible.
  • Bring in your Dirty dog and expect your Groomer to give him his hair cut without having a bath first. This might mean an additional fee, depending on the condition of your dogs coat.
  • Yell at the Groomer for shaving your dog when you neglected to bring him in before matting. Groomers absolutely HATE to have to shave off a dogs coat because of matting. It is the last resort, and only done to prevent an hours long, cruel & painful brushing out session. A compassionate groomer will refuse to attempt a “brush out” in a badly matted coat.